Planning Applications

Chelveston-cum-Caldecott Parish Council is statutory consulted on all planning applications in the parish, but is not the Local Planning Authority (LPA). The LPA is normally East Northamptonshire Council, save for Minerals, Waste, Schools and Fire Services applications, for which the LPA is Northamptonshire County Council.

Below you will find some useful information relating to planning which we hope you find helpful.

The national Planning Portal is your one-stop shop for planning and building services online.

East Northamptonshire Council's list of applications for the district. To contact ENC Planning about an application, you can e-mail on and remember to quote the application number (starts EN/...) in the subject header.

Northamptonshire County Council's list of applications for the district. To contact NCC Planning about an application, you can e-mail on and remember to quote the application number in the subject header

Applications to be considered at the next Parish Council meeting.

EN/19/01093/FUL - Construction and operation of a reciprocating engine peak lopping electricity generating station and associated exhaust stacks, cooling plant, access from an existing private track, and security measures at Chelveston Renewable Energy Park. Link here.

EN/19/01231/FUL - Removal of rear boundary hedge and erection of a 2m high fence. (Boundary treatment conditioned (conditions 7 and 11) as part of previously approved application 16/00263/OUT) at 2 Peters Close. Link here

Applications considered by the Parish Council, but not yet decided by the LPA.

EN/18/01284/FUL - Construction and operation of a broiler rearing unit with six linked poultry buildings and ancillary structures comprising fifteen grain silos, three crumb feed silos, three feed blending houses, two water tanks with an associated pump house, two gas storage tanks, an electricity substation, switch room and standby generator with fuel tank, a weigh room, a welfare block, a cold store and incinerator, a boiler house and storage building, a security gatehouse and associated hardstanding, with boundary fencing, landscape, planting and flood attenuation works and an upgrading of an existing vehicular access track extending to the south-west to an existing anaerobic digestion plant access road. (revised scheme to 17/01328/FUL) at Land North East Of Westwood AD Plant, Bedford Road, Rushden. Link here.

UPDATE: The time for determining this application has been extended to 31st December 2019.

EN/19/00499/FUL - Two storey rear extension and conversion of first floor of detached garage to habitable room with two new dormer windows and installation of heat pump at Eastview, Raunds Road. Link here.

EN/19/01170/FUL - Resurfacing the driveway giving access to the churchyard and establishment of a new path giving access from the existing hardstanding at the north-east corner of the churchyard to the main entrance at the south porch of the church; Introduction of a new mains water supply to the church from Caldecott road at St John The Baptist Church, Caldecott Road. Link here.