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Nature Discovery Day

Nature Discovery Day poster

The Nature Discovery Day went superbly and we had a great turnout throughout the day. We spotted lots of species which were all recorded on the whiteboard. Some species highlights were the Elephant Hawkmoth, and seeing / hearing both the Common Pipistrelle and Soprano Pipistrelle bats in St John's churchyard.

We would like to give special thanks to quite a few people who helped make the day possible! Thanks to Brenda, Lesley and the team from St.John's for helping and allowing us to use the church, Steve and Laura for providing the bat detector, John for lending us the moth trap, Lucy for planning and running all the brilliant crafts, Melvyn for making us the wonderful bug hotels, Katie King from the wildlife trust for lending us the 'touch table' items, Shayna for putting together the environment newsletter, Malaika for being a brilliant help all day and showing such enthusiasm and finally to Cllr Jenny Harwood for joining our environment team and supporting us throughout.

Without the help of those mentioned the day wouldn't have been such a success! Hopefully this is the first of many community environment events!

Posted: Tue, 26 Jul 2022 23:00 by Mark Hunter

Tags: Environment, Events