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Vistry Housebuilding consultation on a new development in Chelveston Road, Raunds

Image of Vistry Housebuilding flyer

Vistry Housebuilding (formerly Bovis) are running a public consultation on a proposed new development in Chelveston Road, Raunds. This is a developer led public consultation before deciding on submitting any formal planning application.

The consultation is to be welcomed, since it gives the public an opportunity to highlight issues and concerns, and the developer an opportunity to address them, before being locked into the formal planning process.

Within Chelveston, residents may be concerned about the impact of traffic heading south from the site, which will add to to the existing problems we have already with additional traffic from the Darcie Park, Raunds.

The Parish Council will be submitting a response on desired traffic calming measures shortly, but residents are encouraged to submit their own responses.

Posted: Fri, 20 Nov 2020 08:34 by Mark Hunter

Tags: Planning