75 years ago today - 2819 LAA lands in Normandy

75 years ago today - 2819 LAA lands in Normandy

2819 Light Anti Aircraft Squadron, RAF regiment was formed as 819 Defence Squadron at RAF Chelveston in September 1941.

"A" Echelon embarked on 2nd / 3rd June 1944 at Victoria Docks, Silverside and set off down river on the 3rd June (D-Day - 3). However due to congestion on Juno beach they were not landed until 7th June (D-Day + 1) and lost 5 vehicles and equipment in the process. "B" Echelon embarked on 6th June.

Initially formed up at Assembly Area Jig on Gold Beach on 8th June 1944, on the 9th June the unit moved to the adjacent Assembly Area King and then deployed their guns at Advanced Landing Ground (ALG) B3 St Croix-sur-Mer airfield (completed by a Royal Engineers Airfield Construction Group on the 10th June 1944) and ALG B4 Beny-sur-Mer airfield (completed on 15th June 1944 by Royal Engineers).

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