The Garage appears to have come and gone with very little photographic record of it. The site has variously been a filling station, workshop, agricultural suppliers, a haulage business and now a forklift truck sales and hire company.

The first recorded planning application was in 1959, followed by another a year later to build main garage, under the name of Chelveston Service Station.

In 1965, a Private Investigator (Mr H.Thistlethwaite of Poynton, Cheshire), requested the Parish Clerk, Arnold Corby, serve a writ on the owner, Mr Anand, in connection with a dispute (Axis Tyres v Chelveston Service Station). The Clerk duly served it on Mr Anand's son, as he was away in India.

A successful application for a new garage and workshop was submitted the following year. During 1967 Mr Anand constructed culverts over the brook to join the two workshop sites and there was successful application for an office attached to the workshop.

In 1971, it appears the Garage was up for sale.

In 1975 the garage was known as Starline Garage, but the following year it was recorded as Starline Autopoint Garage. Unfortunately a leak from a tank polluted the brook, resulting in the tank being moved and bunded. The owners requested a change of use to use part of the showroom for agricultural agency. A further change for a transport office an parking facilities for a haulage business was also granted.

JST Forklifts

In 1978, another change of use application was submitted by prospective purchasers (JST Forklifts of Sanders Lodge Industrial Estate, Rushden) to forklift truck sales, servicing and repairs centre and retention of retail fuel sales.

The Trustees of the (former) Village Institute sold their (adjoining) site to JST Forklifts in 1980 and two years later, JST Forklifts applied to move the display of new and used Forklifts onto the former Institute site, so that they could use showroom for tractors and agricultural equipment sales.

In 1984 an application was submitted for new 8,000 gallon underground fuel tank under the former Institute site . The three existing 500 gallon underground tanks were converted to diesel.

Following problems with the village Post Office needing a new base to operate from, it ran from a kiosk on the garage forecourt from September 1987 for a few months, but closed soon after.

Outline of the kiosk island

Looking at the forecourt of the site now, the outline of the kiosk island can still be seen, as well as the faint paint lettering marking the entrance and exit.

JST Forklifts site in 2017