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Cross of Sorrow (1920-2020) Appeal

Restoration works identified.

This is a public appeal to raise funds for the restoration of the 100 year old memorial in the churchyard which gives thanks to and memorialises the 6 men from the Village who gave their lives in the two World Wars.

Robert Farrow, the local stonemason, has identified that, in addition to the weathering and previous damage, the top two sections of the monument are loose and could fall.

The top section of the column can be re-attached with a stainless steel pin and epoxy resin. The top cross section is too badly worn away and will need to be replaced by new stone carved to match.

The monument will then be cleaned using a specialist Thermatech stone cleaning system, and repointed in lime mortar once cleaning is complete. The image right shows the proposed works.

Public Benefactors who have donated to the restoration.

(in alphabetical order)

Anonymous (x5)

David & Monica Bagley

Stuart & Julie Becker

Mr & Mrs Bird and family

John Britten & Penny Hughes (in memory of Sgt Stanley Odell)

Gordon & Kathy Brooks

Steven, Steph, Emily & Jack Chadwick

Helen Challinor

Capt. Jonathan Dale

Ray & Rosemary Daniells (in memory of Pte Harry Morris)

Raymond Dyer & Janet McMillan

Horace & Doreen Eady

Maria Farrow

James Fett

Scott & Ashley Fett

Allen & Lyn Freeman

John & Sharen Hegarty

Mark & Sue Hunter

Mr & Mrs A W Kemp

David Kightley & Janette Kightley-Green

Lorraine & Ray Knight

Steve & Caroline Knight of Chelston Rise

Samuel Mace & Vikki White

Mike & Lesley McCormack

Pieter & Patricia Mommersteeg

Carol & Barry Parsons

Gillian Rawlins (Eady)

Gyles & Sharron Smart

The Wantlings

Alison West

George & Rosina Kay Westcott

Melvyn & Rosemary Wooding

Arthur & Anita Wright

(updated 4 June 2020)