Most towns and rural villages have a number of local charities set up to help the sick and needy, dating back to a time before the provision of state benefits such as pensions, free education, or access to free medical treatment. Chelveston is no exception.

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Active Charities

There are a number of active local charities operating in the Parish. The Parish Council has the right to appoint or nominate Trustees to most of these.

For more information on the general working of charities, please check the Charity Commission website for details.

Closed Charities

  • Chelveston Village Hall Association (1977 – 2010).
  • Chelveston Village Institute (1980 - 1997).
  • George Wyldes's Charity for the provision of coals for poor widows (1931 - 2003)

George Wyldes [1846-1931] was a farmer & wheelwright in Chelveston, recorded at Top Farm from 1890-1914. Prior to this he had been a farmer in Newton Bromswold in 1881. In 1890 he was also recorded as the Assessor of Taxes for this parish.

His Will (dated 8 November 1929 and proved 26 March 1931) provided £75 to be invested and required that 2/3rds of the income derived went toward the maintenance of the church, whilst the remaining 1/3rd be spent on providing coals for the poor widows of the parish. The charity was wound up in 2003 and has been removed from the register of charities.

  • Thomas Neale's Charity for the poor & needy (1765 - 2003).

Thomas Neale in his Will (dated 5 January 1765) left a legacy of £20, the income from which was to be distributed on Christmas Day at the church by the minster and Churchwardens to the poorest and most necessitous people of the parish. By 1849 the income was 20s (£1) per year, dropping to 12s (60p) in 1937. The charity was wound up in 2003 and has been removed from the register of charities