Baptist Chapel

This Cause (Chapel) was administered by the Baptist Church in Park Road, Rushden.

The book Rushden Park Road Baptist Sunday School — Work and Workers of a Hundred Years 1810-1910 by Herbert Lack indicates that prior to the building of a chapel, the Baptists would meet at the home of William Richard Gross, a farmer in Caldecott. Mr Gross later provided the first chapel as an extension of one of his properties in Chapel yard, Chelveston, and a Sunday School was started in 1889.

The foundation stones of the present chapel were laid on the 30th August 1923, with the build completed in 1924, The Chapel is located on the Higham road.

Chapel viewed from The Green - the gas valve hut to the left was installed in 1947.

Chapel front and noticeboard.

Bert Page was a farmer and Lay Reader in the 1930's, and formed a youth group known as the Chelveston Tryst, that held their meetings and parades in the school room of the chapel.

Reg Hudson was a Lay Reader in the chapel in 1943 and would light the paraffin lamp outside the chapel gate when there was a meeting or service.

Mr H.Watts was the Sunday School Teacher in 1946. The Sunday School rang from 10 am - Noon and most of the village children attended as the Church didn't offer a similar service.

Chapel interior - possibly Harvest Supper.

The Parish Council held its meetings in the Chapel school room from March 1968 (following the closure of the village school in December 1967) to June 1971, for the sum of 10s (50p) per meeting.

The Chapel closed in the early 1980's when the congregation was down to one. Keith Hudson is believed to be the last Secretary. In July 1984 a planning application was approved to convert the chapel to a dwelling with garage.

The former chapel is now a private dwelling.