Noticeboards are available around the parish for non-commercial uses, such as promoting a charity or voluntary group, community activities or event. The Parish Council provides a bi-monthly parish newsletter, which can also be used to promote non-commercial events. Contact the Clerk if you wish to advertise an event.

Non-commercial events can also be publicised on the What's On section of the Council's website. Contact the Clerk if you wish to advertise an event.

Goods and Services

The Parish Council has agreed to allow residents within the parish to advertise goods and services for private sale, on the Council's website. Any transactions are to be made directly between the buyer and seller. See the Advertising Policy governing all advertisements.

Note that any transactions are between the buyer and the seller, as the Council acts neither as a middleman or a guarantor.

  • Advertising Policy (PDF, 43 Kb)

    Advertising Policy adopted by the Council at its meeting on 14th November 2016.

    Last reviewed on 10th September 2018.

Items for Sale

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