1937 - Coronation of King George VI

For the Coronation of HM King George VI on 12th May 1937, a Coronation Tree Planting committee was established to organise the planting of trees throughout the British Empire and other places overseas.

In the parish, the following trees were planted.


By the old blacksmiths shop: A red Thorn, presented by Miss Mary Helen Simpson


By the Village Hall: A flowering Almond, presented by Miss Mary Helen Simpson.

At the Pastures: Two Oaks, planted by Mrs Page and Miss Page.

On the village green: A Red Horse Chestnut (Aesculus x carnea), presented by Chelveston WI.

Source: The Royal Record of Tree Planting, the provision of Open Spaces, Recreation Grounds and Other Schemes, published in 1939.

King George VI visited the 301st BG at RAF Chelveston in November 1942.

King George VI, accompanied by Queen Elizabeth and Princess Elizabeth, visited the 305th BG at RAF Chelveston in July 1944.