1891 - Duchy Estate Sale

The Duchy of Lancaster rolls for 1789 indicate that, of the approx. 1,700 acres comprising the parish, around 1,400 acres (82%) were owned by the Duchy. These lands were usually rented to a head tenant, who in turn leased them out to the tenant farmers.

By the time of the Inclosure started 10 years later, the Rt Hon William Wentworth, Earl Fitzwilliam was the lessee, but the Duchy's land holdings had been reduced, with Lt Col Edward Disbrowe (the "new money") acquiring a sizeable part of the parish. This process was to be continued by his heirs.

One such example of this was in 1891, when the Duchy decided to sell off some fields in the parish. This was by a pubic auction, held on Thursday 26th March 1891.

The auctioneers were Pendered & Son Ltd of Wellingborough.

The sale included the lands and property in the parish, totalling 226.5 acres.

Lot 1: Duchy Field to the south of Chelveston - 20.75 acres (excluding the no.2 stone pit)

Lot 2: Fields to the east of Chelveston — 170.75 acres.

Lot 3: Fields to the east of Chelveston — 35 acres.

James Moyes Gray, the land agent for Mrs Jane Harriet Wise, granddaughter of Lt Col Disbrowe, purchased the land to add to the Manor holdings.