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The Eady Family

With the assistance of Horace & Michael Eady.

Robert Eady (1)

Robert Eady [b:1756] was a blacksmith and was born in Higham Ferrers.

Married (1) Susanna Perkins [1756-87] of Irthlingborough in 1776.

Married (2) Mary Ann Collins

5 children - Sarah (b:1776), Ann (b:1782), Elizabeth [1783-7], Susanna (b:1783) & Robert.

Robert Eady (2), the son of Robert Eady (1)

Robert Eady [1787-1857] was a farmer and married Martha Clark [1788-1867] in 1810. They lived in Wateryard, Chelveston.

9 children—Deborah (b:1816), Robert, Elizabeth (b:1821), Amos, Enoch , Roderick, Hannah [1833-04.12.1850], Martha (b:1837) & Mary Ann.

During the Inclosure Act 1801 he was awarded two additional fields.

The sons of Robert Eady (2)

Robert Eady (3)

Robert Eady [1819-26.Jan.1858] was a farmer and married Ann Maria Gross [1818-23.Apr.1882] in 1842. They moved to Hill End, Raunds by 1844, then Hargrave Lodge by 1852. They are buried in the churchyard.

8 children - Sarah Ann [1843-30.May.1867], Eliza [1844-07.Mar.1881], Amos, Robert, Joseph, Thomas, Annie Maria [1855-1925] & Deborah [1857-02.May.1946].

Amos Eady (1)

Amos Eady [1824-64] was a farmer and married Ann (b:1824) of Woodford. They lived in Wateryard, Chelveston.

2 children — George E (b:1860) & Mary Ann (b:1861).

The 1861 census records him as "farmer of 50 acres employing 2 men".

Enoch Eady

Enoch Eady [1827-80] was a schoolmaster and married Mary Ann Tressler (or Trasler) (b:1815) of Harpole, who was a schoolmistress. They lived at the School house.

4 children — Helena L (b:1852), Arthur Enoch [1853-10.Jan.1856], Fredrick Robert & Rosa (b:1858).

Roderick Eady

Roderick Eady [1829-80] was a farmer & farrier and married Emma Bonfield (b:1840) of Cople, Beds in 1864. They lived in Wateryard, Chelveston and later moved to the cottage next to the Star & Garter rented from the Lord of the Manor

2 children — Kate [1867-80] & Walter S [1869-1950].

Roderick served as a Churchwarden.

In the 1919 Estate sale, it was a condition that Emma, now a widow, be allowed to remain in occupancy.

The sons of Robert Eady (3)

Amos Eady (2)

Amos Eady (b:1847) was a baker.

Married (1) Mary M. Married (2) Mary Ann Wright.

Robert Eady (4)

Robert Eady (b:1849) married Sarah H.

Joseph Eady

Joseph Eady (b:1851) was a miller, later a grocer and the first sub-postmaster.

Thomas Eady

Thomas Eady [1852-1936] was a farmer and lived in Caldecott by 1890.

Married (1) Louisa Chettle [1857-18.Jun.1896] of Rushden in 1882.

Married (2) Ruth Knight in 1897.

2 children — Elsie Maria [02.Feb.1893-10.May.1883 — 3 months] & Florence L (b:1894).

Frederick Robert Eady, the son of Enoch Eady

Fredrick Robert Eady (b:1855) was a land surveyor & accountant.

Walter S Eady, the son of Roderick Eady

Walter S Eady [1869-Dec.1950] was an ag labourer & stonemason and married Mary Ann Forscutt (b:26.Nov.1873) of Shelton. They lived in Jellis Row by 1901, where he is listed as a bricklayer.

3 children — Walter Roderick, Mildred (b:1902) & Fredrick.

The sons of Walter S Eady

Walter Roderick Eady

The Eady Family at the back of the Working Men's Club in 1945

Back row L-R - Ted & Margaret (twins), John, and Joan

Front row L-R Ethel, Horace holding Gillian, and Rod

Walter Roderick Eady [1900-Oct.1987] was a leather dresser and married Ethel Anne Barnett [1904-94] of Newton Bromswold in November 1925.

6 children - John (b:1926), Joan (b:1927), Margaret & Edward (Ted) twins (b:1929), Horace George (b:1937) & Gillian (b:1943).

Frederick Eady

Fredrick Eady [1904-2002] was a farmer and married Elsie Christabel Tilley (d:1995) of Chelveston.

2 children - Michael (b:1935) & Ruth (b:1945).