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Construction of the 305th Bomb Group Memorial

Construction of the memorial to the 305th Bombardment Group (Heavy) started on 25th March 2006 with the marking out of the levels for the ground works. The landscaping, turfing and making ready for the dedication service was completed in April 2007.

Marking out 25th March 2006

Earthworks on 1st April 2006

Concrete foundations on 15th April 2006

Base and post holes on 23rd April 2006

Repairing the former J Hangar windsock mast on 17th May 2006

Installing the windsock mast onto the base on 27th May 2006

Stonework lower level at 9th July 2006

Painting the squadron posts on 19th July 2006

Stonework upper level, ready for the granite inserts on 26th July 2006

Granite plaques installed 5th August 2006

Front plaque explaining the memorial

Plaque detailing the squadrons and support units of the 305th Bomb Group

Plaque with 8th Air Force logo

The Group "G" cast on 5th October 2006

B17 weather vane being fabricated 5th October 2006

Paving being installed 3rd February 2007

B-17 weather vane on top of the mast on 3rd March 2007

Chain linking the squadron posts and one of the "Queens benches" in place on 10th March 2007