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1914-18 - World War I service

In addition to the Cross of Sorrow and the plaque with the names of the 5 soldiers who died in WW1, there was also a wooden noticeboard inscribed with the names of all the villagers who had served in the 1914-18 conflict. This was located in Dunmore's yard (now Cornerhouse cottages), but was removed at some point.

Using the electoral lists of the 1918 General Election and Spring & Autumn 1919, the absent voters lists provide a clue those villagers serving in the war. Service details are taken from the National Archives 1914-1920 collection (where available).

Royal Navy / Royal Marines

Able Seaman Meadows, Fredrick Childs (R5942/PZ2493).

14th August 1917 - enlisted in Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve (RNVR) in 63rd Royal Naval Division.

21st September 1918 - rated as Able Seaman (PZ/2493) and transferred to RN Depot Portsmouth.

4th October 1918 to 26th February 1919 – listed on strength of HMS Crescent depot ship for 3rd Submarine flotilla at Rosyth.

Private (later Marine) Hanwell, Cyril Walter (19978).

3rd November 1914 - enlisted Northants Yeomanry, but discharged 3 days later for giving false information about his age (claimed to be 17).

17th June 1915 - enlisted at Birmingham in the Royal Marines Light Infantry (Chatham Division).

2nd May 1916 to 24th Nov 1916 - listed on strength of HMS Chester and took part in the battle of Jutland.

14th March 1917 to 15th Jan 1919 - listed on strength of HMS Sir John Moore.


Captain Simpson, Harold Benjamin

14th September 1914 – enlisted at Northampton. Declared fit and assigned to the 6th (Service) Battalion Northants Regt.

10th October 1914 - promoted to Corporal in the 6th (Service) Battalion Northants Regt.

27th November 1914 - gazetted as Temporary Second Lieutenant from the Officer Training Corps.

3rd February 1915 - gazetted as Temporary Lieutenant in the 6th (Service) Battalion Northants Regt.

19th April 1915 – gazetted as Temporary Captain in the 6th (Service) Battalion Northants Regt.

7th June 1917 - gazetted as Temporary Lieutenant in the Labour Corps.

6th September 1917 – gazetted as Acting Captain in the Labour Corps. This was on taking command of 429 Agricultural Company, Labour Corps, which was in Eastern Command, operating in the county of Norfolk.

16th September 1919 - gazetted as relinquishing rank of Acting Captain on ceasing to command 429 Agricultural Company, Labour Corps.

Corporal Horner MM, Ralph Edwin (9132 & 70479)

6th November 1914 – enlisted and assigned to 2nd (Regular) Battalion, Northants Regiment.

16th July 1918 – awarded the Military Medal (MM).

Corporal Mayes, Ernest (47556) Manchester Regt - WIA Oct 1918

Lance Corporal Barker MM, Phillip William (212866 & WR284012)

13th November 1916 – enlisted in Royal Engineers, 4th Foreway Coy.

8th November 1918 – he was "Mentioned in Despatches".

1st December 1918 – awarded the Military Medal.

Lance Corporal Morris, Frank (15314) 6th (Service) Battalion Northants Regt.

Private Allen, George Albert (7933, 5843 & 318140) 18th, 12th & 5th Battalions London Regt

Private Barfield, Arthur (6682 & 267065) 1/9th (Territoral) Battalion Middlesex Regt

Private Barnes, Walter James (1099, 31394 & 5880592) Northants Regt / (361201) 809 Area Employment Company, Labour Corps

Rifleman (later Private) Baxter, Arthur (38789 & 52849) 12th Kings Royal Rifle Corps / (70217) Northants Regt

Private Baxter, Collis (41065) Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regt / (72055) Labour Corps

Private Bettles, Frank (152987) Employment Company, Labour Corps

Private Burditt, Harry (G-8621 & 86211) 19th (service) Battalion Middlesex Regt

Private Burgess, Ernest George (91951) Tank Corps

Rifleman Burgess, Sidney (2328) 4th and 12th Rifle Brigade - WIA (gassed) Jun 1915

Private Burgess, Walter (30005) 5th (Service) Battalion Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers

Private Burgess, William Alfred (4071 & 200970) 1/4th (Territorial) Battalion Northants Regt

Private Corbett, George Herbert (1445 & 14459) 3rd Battalion Coldstream Guards - KIA Sept 1916

27th July 1915 - Enlisted at Melton Mowbray

15th September 1916 - died in the middle phase of the Battle of the Somme (the Battle of Flers-Courcelette).

Private Driver, Edgar (20867) 5th (Service) Battalion (Pioneers) Northants Regt

Private Eady, Walter Roderick (62361) Bedford Regt

Private Elton, Thomas Wiliam (M378946) Army Service Corps

Private Farr, George Edward (20032) 2nd (Regular) Battalion Northants Regt - KIA Feb 1916

Private Fern, Charles (G10372) 7th (Service) Battalion Buffs (East Kent Regt)

Private Harper, Percy Robert (28240) Essex Regt / (40491) 7th (Service) Battalion Bedford Regt

Private Hinson, Harry (202823) Norfolk Regt / (203054) Essex Regt - WIA 1917

Private Hodgkin, Fredrick (7492) 2nd (Regular) Battalion Cheshire Regt

Driver Hole, Noel Guy (537 & 745258) Royal Field Artillery

Private Horner, Charles Edward (S33823) Rifle Brigade attached to 10th London Regt

Private Horner, Fredrick Arthur (26202) Machine Gun Corps.

Private Howard, Edwin (14244) 1st (Regular) Battalion Northants Regt

3rd June 1916 - enlisted.

Private Hulatt, Walter Charles (200974) 1/4 (Territoral) Battalion Northants Regt - KIA Nov 1917

Private James, Joseph Edwin (551635) Hants Regt

Private Knight, Edward (6039) Norfolk Regt / (609455) Labour Corps - WIA May 1915

Private Line, Ernest Leonard (M2/155856) 4th London Field Ambulance, Army Service Corps

Private Mitchell, Cecil Phillip (59097) 66th Machine Gun Corps

Gunner Morris, Frank (under the name Charles Burrows) (37364) Royal Field Artillery /(29492) 2nd (Regular) Battalion East Lancashire Regt - KIA Apr 1918.

Private Morris, Harry (GS/48614) 1st (Regular) Battalion Royal Fusiliers - KIA Jul 1917.

Enlisted Kettering.

15th May 1917 - sent to France.

31st July 1917 - Died on the first day of the third Battle of Ypres (Battle of Passchendaele).

Private Morris, Wilfred (217373) 11th Supply Company, Army Service Corps

Private Parker, Ebenezer (16490) 7th (Service) Battalion Northants Regt

Private Partridge, Ernest George (309256) Tank Corps [in 1918] - see Air Force record below.

Private Partridge, John Edward (62026) Suffolk Regt

Private Robinson, George (156534) Queens (Royal West Surrey) Regt

Private Robinson, Samuel (20800) 5th (Service) Battalion (Pioneers) Northants Regt - WIA Oct 1918

Private Sparks, William (27425) 7th (Service) Battalion Northants Regt

Private Stirman, Ezekiel (35390) Labour Corps

Gunner Tiney, Bartlett Arthur (178281) Royal Garrison Artillery

Sapper Wagstaff, Charles Edward (210711) Royal Engineers

Private Wagstaff, Francis William (GS/48624) Royal Fusiliers

Royal Flying Corps / Royal Air Force

Private Partridge, Ernest G (64390) [in 1919] - see Army record above.

Air Mechanic 3rd class Cole, Herbert W H (122666) 3rd Balloon Squadron RFC/RAF

Omissions and Errors

Inevitably there will be some errors & omissions with this approach. I have not included the men born in the parish, but who had moved away before the outbreak of war. If you believe that someone is missing or the details are incorrect, please contact me accordingly.

The WW1 Project [running from Aug 2014 to Nov 2018]

In common with many other villages, the WW1 project is looking into the background of those men listed on the war memorial and, additionally, those who served and survived.

The intended outcomes are a booklet of all the information recorded and a new memorial in the chancel of the parish church. If you are a relative of one of these men or if you know of someone who was born / lived in the parish and served, but isn't listed, we would be grateful for any information, esp. images, that you are prepared to share.